Here are the current updates for Destined Dragons. The older updates were deleted but all newer updates will be posted at the top.

January 04, 2005

[Updates:] New guestbook.

[Notes:] Yes, I am still alive and well. ^^; Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm been devoting my time to other hobbies and RL stuff. I don't intend to close this site anytime soon so no worries. And in the meantime, why not send my some things? Fanart? Fiction? :D Anywhich, today's small update is a link to my guestbook that I created for my domain. I kept getting too many porn ads in the old one. @_@;

June 07, 2004

[Updates:] New doujinshi, fanart, fanfic updates, new sections, music online again, new addition to altered images.

[Notes:] Ahh it's been forever since I last updated the site. I apologize for the long wait, but I hope it is worth it after seeing some of the new things I have uploaded for you. I won't go into heavy detail but aside from maintenance updates, I've changed a few things around. The doujinshi has been moved to the gallery to combine into one section with a few new scans by myself and Sat ~ Isis. The guidelines for submissions has been moved to the faqs page which has also been updated. Also there has been quite a few updates to the fandom section that you must see, especially the fanart. I'd like to thank all my wonderful contributors. ^_^